Landscape design north vancouver

Landscape design north vancouver

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Hyland Landscapes Is a Full-Service Landscape Contractor providing landscaping design-build services to Vancouver and surrounding areas. We collaborate with homeowners, property managers, landscape architects, builders, and designers to create award-winning concepts to transform your outdoor living space. We are a company that brings your vision to life. Through exceptional artistry, we can transform your outdoor space into something that truly reflects your value and lifestyle.

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Garden Design Pictures

If you need help in your garden but are intimidated by big companies who will bulldoze their way in to your life with the expectation that you will be getting a bank loan, forget it!

We can do any project, big or small, under budget and your expectations will be superseded by quality work and quality materials. Kathy's Small Garden Company wants to see you smile and to see your property rise in value. From the initial planning stage through to the final completion, our goal is to find the most economical way to create a garden that you will be proud of for years to come.

Our owner has her own backyard nursery, has a certificate in master gardening and has staff skilled and trained in laying down sod, pruning trees, and weeding not just taking the tops but getting to the root of the matter. Also we are great at containers for your patio or deck. We love to remove front yard lawns and turn them into living gardens that require less maintenance than what a lawn would take to mow every two weeks.

Where you need a new landscape design, maintenance or a tree service, we are just a phone call away. Star Rating: Submit. Dialog will close after 10 sec. Thank you for submitting your contact request! We will reach back out to you within 24 hours of receiving your request. Call Us Today! Landscape Company in North Vancouver, BC If you need help in your garden but are intimidated by big companies who will bulldoze their way in to your life with the expectation that you will be getting a bank loan, forget it!

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Landscape Contractors & Designers in North Vancouver, British Columbia

We're open! Enjoy a beautiful outdoor space all year round with a company you can trust to do the job right. We keep lawns and backyards expertly managed with weekly appointments, and our annual programs keep your landscape healthy every month of the year. If you're looking for more than beautiful green lawns and landscaping, our professional construction team builds gazebos, hardscapes, and all of the outdoor oasis features you can dream of.

North Vancouver City Operations Yard. Category: Public Works; Description: LEED Gold Municipal Works yard encompasing riparian restoration.

Landscapers in North Vancouver, BC

Earth, air, fire, water — elements of nature. Order, unity, colour, texture, rhythm — elements of landscape design. We take a thoughtful and respectful approach to your needs and objectives, as well as the site itself. We focus on water-wise plantings and environmentally responsible gardening practices to create a sustainable landscape. Maintenance information for your new garden is provided so you can keep it looking its best for many years to come. Welcome to Elements Landscape Designs Earth, air, fire, water — elements of nature. Elaine has transformed my tiny townhouse patio into a magnificent horticultural extension of my living room. For the past ten years she has been providing a full service, changing the plantings with the seasons and keeping my little garden interesting and colourful throughout the year. She is a miracle worker!

Leaders in Outer-Space.

So leave the outdoor gardening to Dunbar Landscape Services, and enjoy your free time, because summer is short and we want you to make the most of it! Give us a call us today; we operate 6 days a week and we are on-call 24 hours a day to assist you in case of urgency. It is essential to care for your outdoor space to maintain and increase the aesthetic value of your property. A well-groomed garden and lawn will definitely add to the value of your property and enhance its curb appeal. Dunbar Landscape Services is a landscaping company in Vancouver that completely understands your needs.

The site was transformed from a leftovers landscape of dwindling industrial waterfront and parking lot, into a public amenity with immediate gravitas thanks to a keen attention to placemaking.

JWT Architecture Planning and Landscape Design

Landscaping encompasses many services and each of these has varying fees depending on your landscaper of choice. This can change based on the property size, project difficulty, and material fees. Where applicable, we try to clarify where each one excels. Absolute Landscaping is a company with over 15 years of experience tending to countless backyards and homescapes. The company has managed this long service record by consistently delivering excellent workmanship with each and every project. Along with this, Absolute Landscaping has plenty of experience working with all kinds of landscapes, from urban settings to wide rural homes.

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Landscape designers space2place carve a modern niche in the natural order of things. It is. The firm has earned national recognition for its Sustainability Street showcase at UBC in Vancouver, leading to prominent local projects the City of North Vancouver Spirit Trail, the Oppenheimer Park re-design that will put them on short lists for large commissions across North America. The shop has grown from four to seven members sinceHe starts with a loose concept on paper, gradually refining the plans with consultants and a team that includes computer specialists, a landscape ecologist and a construction manager. The coincidence stems from an early project, the Metro skateboard park in Burnaby, which used local EcoSmart concrete. Space2place developed expertise with modern concrete technology that has come into play on the precipitously sloped residential sites that are now a firm trademark.

Looking for landscaping design for a single detached home, duplex/townhouse, vacation property, or multi-residential complex in North Vancouver (and area)?.

Please provide a postal code or a city, or select a city from the directory. North Vancouver, BC. Citimark Projects Corp 1. Great Canadian Lawns 3.

According to statcan. Landscapers in this list provide services to multiple postal codes in and around North Vancouver i. Please contact each of these businesses individually if you need to verify their service area. Looking for more businesses? Try to change search location to British Columbia. This list contains only Landscapers and related businesses.

West Coast Lawns and Gardens has been providing the Vancouver area with unparalleled lawn care since , earning the trust of our loyal customers who stick with us season after season.

Click here. Looking for landscaping design for the outdoor space of a resort, event center, office complex, shopping center or other commercial property? Let's talk about your vision and your project. Learn more about the landscaping consultation here. Our landscape designer will conceptualize your wish list with a 3D illustration that is inspired by your style and taste, works within the characteristics of your property, and meets your budget expectations. Learn more about the conceptual design phase here.

We work collaboratively to bring innovation to life and design landscapes that add value to the communities we work in. Patricia is a partner in the firm and has been landscape architect on a diverse portfolio of projects. From master planning to design, she has consulted to many local municipalities, school districts, and developers. Mary is a partner at PMG and manages a wide range of projects including park planning, urban, commercial and residential land development.

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